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Boeing 757 - MSN 29307    TF-LLL

Serial number 29307 LN:924
Type 757-256
First flight date 25/04/2000
Test registration
Plane age 22.8 years
Seat configuration C22Business class Y161Economy class Seat
Hex code 4CC4A9
Engines 2 x RR RB211-535 E4
Status Active

Airline Icelandair

Country Iceland
Date 1937 -
Codes FI ICE
Callsign Iceair
Web site http://www.icelandair.is

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Operators of the aircraft

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Registration Delivery date Airline Remark  
EC-HIQ 12/05/2000 Iberia Named Honduras   Correct
TC-OGS 28/08/2005 Atlas Jet lsd from BBAM   Correct
TC-OGS 03/12/2006 Ethiopian Airlines lsd from Atlas   Correct
TC-OGS 27/04/2007 Atlas Jet   Correct
TC-OGS 28/03/2008 Saudi Arabian Airlines lsd from Atlas Jet   Correct
TC-OGS 23/12/2010 Atlas Jet   Correct
TF-IST 28/04/2012 Icelandair Stored 11/2013
lsd from Bbam
Named Grímsvötn  
G-POWJ 09/12/2013 Titan Airways Stored 05/2014
lsd from Bbam  
F-HTAG 21/07/2014 La Compagnie Stored 10/2019
lsd from Bbam  
D4-CCH 16/12/2019 TACV Cabo Verde Airlines Named Fontainhas   Correct
TF-LLL 01/01/2021 Icelandair   Correct
TF-LLL 29/07/2022 TUI Airlines Nederland Operated by Icelandair   Correct
TF-LLL 03/09/2022 Icelandair   Correct


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© Bolelli Donato
Icelandair TF-LLL
Amsterdam, Schiphol

© Manuel Zarallo G.
Icelandair TF-LLL
Barcelona, El Prat

© Manuel Zarallo G.
Icelandair TF-LLL
Barcelona, El Prat

© Pascal SIMON
La Compagnie F-HTAG
Paris, Charles De Gaulle

© Peter Leu
Atlas Jet TC-OGS
Zurich, Kloten / International

© Maarten VISSER
Icelandair TF-IST
Amsterdam, Schiphol

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Plane current MODE-S Hex code : 4CC4A9

Flights recorded

FI 338KEF -> BGO22/07/12
KK 4023ADB -> ISL19/05/11
KK 7213AYT -> SVG30/06/07
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