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MSN Type  AirlineFirst flightRegistrationStatus  
UE112 1900D North-Wright Airways   01/08/1994 C-FNWH Active
UE113 1900D SEARCA   01/09/1994 HK-4563 Active
UE114 1900D Evergreen Int   01/09/1994 N191EV Stored
UE115 1900D Awesome Aviation   01/10/1994 ZS-JAG Stored
UE116 1900D Overland Airways   01/10/1994 5N-BCP Active
UE117 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/10/1994 ZS-OYC Active
UE118 1900D Fly540   01/10/1994 5Y-BTN Stored
UE119 1900D Air Saint Martin   01/10/1994 F-OHRK Written off
UE120 1900D SAERCA   01/11/1994 HK-4434 Active
UE121 1900D Sonair   01/11/1994 D2-EVK Active
UE122 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/11/1994 N122UX Stored
UE137 1900D Gulfstream International Airlines   01/01/1995 N81533 Stored
UE138 1900D Air Midwest USA   01/02/1995 N138YV Stored
UE153 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/05/1995 N153GL Active
UE154 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/04/1995 N154GL Active
UE155 1900D CommutAir   01/05/1995 N155ZV Stored
UE156 1900D SEARCA   01/05/1995 HK-4558 Active
UE157 1900D Toyota of Venezuela   01/06/1995 YV1894 Active
UE158 1900D Silver Airways   01/06/1995 N38537 Stored
UE159 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/06/1995 N159YV Stored
UE160 1900D Skyking   01/06/1995 VQ-TEB Stored
UE161 1900D CommutAir   01/06/1995 N161YV Stored
UE162 1900D Exploits Valley Air Services   01/07/1995 C-GERI Active
UE163 1900D Air Midwest   01/07/1995 N163YV Scrapped
UE152 1900D Silver Airways   01/05/1995 N81536 Active
UE151 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/05/1995 N151GL Written off
UE150 1900D Money Aviation   01/04/1995 ZS-PPM Stored
UE139 1900D Exploits Valley Air Services   01/02/1995 C-GSNQ Active
UE140 1900D SEARCA   01/02/1995 HK-4709 Active
UE141 1900D Sunwest Aviation   01/03/1995 C-GSWV Active
UE142 1900D Peruvian Air Force   01/03/1995 EP-828 Active
UE143 1900D Air South Regional   01/03/1995 VH-YOA Active
UE144 1900D CommutAir   01/03/1995 N144ZV Active
UE145 1900D Compion Aviation South Africa   01/03/1995 ZS-PHX Active
UE146 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/03/1995 N146ZV Stored
UE147 1900D Silver Airways   01/03/1995 N81535 Active
UE148 1900D Bering Air   01/04/1995 N148SK Active
UE149 1900D Mobile Producing Nigeria   01/04/1995 5N-MPA Active
UE164 1900D Wasaya Airways   01/07/1995 C-FWAU Active

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