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MSN Type  AirlineFirst flightRegistrationStatus  
UE12 1900D Gulfstream International Airlines   01/04/1992 N45AR Stored
UE27 1900D Gulfstream International Airlines   01/09/1992 N46AR Stored
UE28 1900D Air Express Algeria   01/09/1992 ZS-NAC Active
UE43 1900D Colgan Air   01/04/1993 N243CJ Stored
UE44 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/04/1993 ZS-MKE Active
UE45 1900D Leni Overseas Developments   01/05/1993 AP-BII Active
UE46 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/05/1993 N46YV Stored
UE47 1900D Exploits Valley Air Services   01/05/1993 C-GORI Active
UE48 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/05/1993 ZS-OKL Active
UE49 1900D Colgan Air   01/05/1993 N149CJ Stored
UE50 1900D Petroleum Avtn and Services   01/05/1993 HK-4557X Active
UE51 1900D North Cariboo Air   01/05/1993 C-FNSN Active
UE52 1900D Kenn Borek Air   01/05/1993 C-GHUE Active
UE53 1900D Airlink   01/05/1993 VH-RUE Active
UE42 1900D Mahongany Air   01/04/1993 ZS-ORV Active
UE41 1900D CommutAir   01/04/1993 N842CA Scrapped
UE40 1900D Colgan Air   01/04/1993 N240CJ Written off
UE29 1900D Rossair   01/10/1992 ZS-PIR Active
UE30 1900D CommutAir   01/11/1992 N835CA Scrapped
UE31 1900D Medavia   01/11/1992 9H-AFI Active
UE32 1900D Aircraft Africa Contracts   01/12/1992 ZS-PZE Active
UE33 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/12/1992 ZS-OLW Active
UE34 1900D Wasaya Airways   01/01/1993 C-GSWH Active
UE35 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/01/1993 ZS-OSF Active
UE36 1900D King Air Services Partnership   01/01/1993 ZS-SHH Active
UE37 1900D Bering Air   01/02/1993 N15GA Active
UE38 1900D CommutAir   01/03/1993 N840CA Stored
UE39 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/03/1993 ZS-OLY Active
UE54 1900D Taxi Aereo de Caldas   01/05/1993 HK-4634 Active
UE110 1900D SEARCA   01/08/1994 HK-4499 Active
UE166 1900D Air Midwest   01/08/1995 N166YV Stored
UE181 1900D ASERCA   01/09/1995 HK-5059 Active
UE182 1900D Cemair   01/09/1995 ZS-CEM Active
UE183 1900D SAERCA   01/09/1995 HK-4598 Active
UE184 1900D Arizona Express Airlines   01/10/1995 N184UX Active
UE185 1900D Gulfstream International Airlines   01/10/1995 N53545 Stored
UE186 1900D Indonesia Air Transport   01/11/1995 PK-TRX Active
UE187 1900D Silver Airways   01/11/1995 N81546 Active
UE188 1900D Chalair Aviation   01/12/1995 F-HBCA Active
UE189 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/12/1995 ZS-TBP Active
UE190 1900D Gulfstream International Airlines   01/12/1995 N190YV Stored
UE191 1900D National Airways   01/12/1995 ZS-OYD Active
UE180 1900D Kenn Borek Air   01/09/1995 C-GSKB Active
UE179 1900D North Cariboo Air   01/08/1995 C-FNSV Active
UE178 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1995 N178YV Stored
UE167 1900D Malian Aero Company   01/08/1995 RZ-MAB Active
UE168 1900D Unknown   01/08/1995 HK-4959 Active
UE169 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1995 N169GL Active
UE170 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/06/1995 N170GL Active
UE171 1900D Egypt Gvmt   01/07/1995 SU-RBS Active
UE172 1900D Exploits Valley Air   01/08/1995 C-GUPX Active

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