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MSN Type  AirlineFirst flightRegistrationStatus  
UE100 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/06/1994 N100UX Active
UE101 1900D ALS Limited   01/06/1994 5Y-BVX Active
UE102 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/06/1994 ZS-PJX Active
UE103 1900D Pan Europeenne Air Service   01/07/1994 F-GOPE Active
UE104 1900D SAERCA   01/07/1994 HK-4673 Stored
UE105 1900D SEARCA   01/07/1994 HK-4512 Active
UE106 1900D US Department of State   01/08/1994 N106AW Active
UE107 1900D Transair Congo   01/08/1994 ZS-PYU Stored
UE108 1900D Tropicana   01/08/1994 D2-FFM Stored
UE97 1900D UN   01/05/1994 5Y-BSP Stored
UE96 1900D Awesome Aviation   01/05/1994 ZS-SNO Active
UE95 1900D SEARCA   01/05/1994 HK-4537 Active
UE84 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/02/1994 ZS-PUC Active
UE85 1900D Air South Regional   01/02/1994 VH-ZOA Active
UE86 1900D Maverick Helicopters   01/03/1994 N886MA Active
UE87 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/03/1994 ZS-PWY Active
UE88 1900D Balmoral Central Contracts SA   01/03/1994 ZS-JCT Active
UE89 1900D Summer Sun Trading 296   01/03/1994 ZS-CCL Active
UE90 1900D Awesome Aviation   01/03/1994 ZS-PRG Active
UE91 1900D Awesome Aviation   01/04/1994 ZS-SEM Active
UE92 1900D Balmoral Central Contracts SA   01/04/1994 ZS-MMJ Active
UE93 1900D SEARCA   01/04/1994 HK-4630 Active
UE94 1900D Unknown   01/04/1994 VH-NOA Active
UE109 1900D CommutAir   01/08/1994 N109ZV Stored
UE55 1900D Exploits Valley Air Services   01/06/1993 C-FPUB Active
UE1 1900D Beechcraft   01/02/1990 N5548B Stored
UE16 1900D Farnair Hungary   01/04/1992 HA-FAM Active
UE17 1900D Saereo   01/04/1992 HC-CBC Active
UE18 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/06/1992 ZS-OMC Stored
UE19 1900D Colgan Air   01/07/1992 N191CJ Stored
UE20 1900D North Cariboo Air   01/07/1992 C-FMCN Active
UE21 1900D (white) UN?   01/04/1992 ZS-TIL Active
UE22 1900D CommutAir   01/07/1992 N832CA Stored
UE23 1900D Air Namibia   01/08/1992 V5-OKN Active
UE24 1900D Colgan Air   01/09/1992 N124CJ Stored
UE25 1900D CommutAir   01/09/1992 N83413 Active
UE26 1900D Dana Air   01/09/1992 5N-BRH Active
UE15 1900D CommutAir   01/04/1992 N15YV Stored
UE14 1900D Aircraft Africa Contracts   01/04/1992 ZS-OUG Active
UE13 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/04/1992 N13YV Stored
UE2 1900D Sky Bahamas   01/08/1991 C6-SBF Active
UE3 1900D Special Flight Services   01/12/1991 ZS-PKB Active
UE4 1900D Air Namibia   01/11/1991 V5-OWN Stored
UE5 1900D Air ALabrador   01/12/1991 C-FWXL Active
UE6 1900D Awesome Aviation   01/01/1992 ZS-JAZ Stored
UE7 1900D Dana Air   01/02/1992 5N- Active
UE8 1900D Wasaya Airways   01/02/1992 C-FWZK Stored
UE9 1900D King Air Services   01/03/1992 ZS-PEF Active
UE10 1900D Swanvest 318   01/03/1992 ZS-PUJ Active
UE11 1900D North Cariboo Air   01/03/1992 C-FNCL Active
UE12 1900D Gulfstream International Airlines   01/04/1992 N45AR Stored

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