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MSN Type  AirlineFirst flightRegistrationStatus  
UE380 1900D Algerian Government       08/2000 D2-EZE Active
UE381 1900D Tassili Airlines       05/2000 7T-VIQ Active
UE382 1900D Northrop Grumman Systems       12/1999 N27NG Active
UE383 1900D US Department of State       06/2000 N800CA Active
UE372 1900D Medavia       02/2000 9H-AFH Active
UE371 1900D Twin Jet       11/1999 F-GUME Active
UE370 1900D Sonair       12/2003 D2-EVN Active
UE359 1900D Northern Thunderbird Air       07/2000 C-GGCA Stored
UE360 1900D Chalair Aviation       07/2000 F-HETS Active
UE361 1900D Essar Oil       09/1999 VT-ASH Active
UE362 1900D Sunwest Aviation       01/2000 C-GROK Active
UE363 1900D Eagle Airways       12/1999 ZK-EAQ Active
UE364 1900D Travira Air       02/2000 PK-TVH Active
UE365 1900D Tassili Airlines       04/2000 7T-VIN Written off
UE366 1900D Air Algerie       05/2000 7T-VIO Active
UE367 1900D Twin Jet       06/1999 F-HAPE Active
UE368 1900D West Wind Aviation       10/1999 C-CDCG Active
UE369 1900D Tassili Airlines       05/2000 7T-VIP Active
UE384 1900D ACE Air Charters       08/2000 N800CA Active
UE220 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/06/1996 N220GL Active
UE56 1900D CommutAir   01/07/1993 N85341 Stored
UE71 1900D Evergreen Int   01/11/1993 N171CJ Stored
UE72 1900D Colgan Air   01/11/1993 N172MJ Stored
UE73 1900D Twin Jet   01/11/1993 F-GLNH Active
UE74 1900D New Order Vehicle Sales   01/11/1993 ZS-OKM Stored
UE75 1900D Wasaya Airways   01/11/1993 C-FQWA Active
UE76 1900D Northern Thunderbird Air   01/11/1993 C-FDTR Active
UE77 1900D Mobile Producing Nigeria   01/12/1993 N82936 Active
UE78 1900D Airco Aircraft Charters   01/12/1993 C-FTOQ Active
UE79 1900D Transwest Air   01/01/1994 C-GTWG Active
UE80 1900D Turbine Air Partnerships   01/01/1994 ZS-STE Active
UE81 1900D CemAir   01/01/1994 ZS-OMB Active
UE70 1900D Chalair Aviation   01/10/1993 F-HBCG Active
UE69 1900D Twin Jet   01/10/1993 F-GLNF Active
UE68 1900D Aero Transporte   01/10/1993 OB-1875-P Active
UE57 1900D National Airways   01/05/1993 ZS-OOW Active
UE58 1900D North Cariboo Air   01/07/1993 C-FNCP Active
UE59 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/08/1993 ZS-PVV Stored
UE60 1900D Alpine Air       09/1993 N60MJ Stored
UE61 1900D CommutAir       09/1993 N855CA Stored
UE62 1900D Aircraft Africa Contracts   01/05/1993 5Y-BVG Stored
UE63 1900D Sunwest Aviation   01/09/1993 C-GSWX Active
UE64 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/09/1993 N64YV Stored
UE65 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/09/1993 N65YV Scrapped
UE66 1900D CommutAir   01/10/1993 N856CA Scrapped
UE67 1900D Maverick Helicopters   01/10/1993 N567MA Active
UE82 1900D Taxi Aereo de Caldas   01/02/1994 HK-4610-X Active
UE83 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/02/1994 ZS-OXN Active
UE98 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/05/1994 N98YV Stored
UE99 1900D SAERCA   01/06/1994 HK-4600 Active
UE100 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/06/1994 N100UX Active

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