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MSN Type  AirlineFirst flightRegistrationStatus  
UE426 1900D Eagle Airways       12/2001 ZK-EAC Active
UE425 1900D Eagle Airways       11/2001 ZK-EAB Active
UE414 1900D Algerian Government       04/2001 7T- Active
UE415 1900D Travira Air       06/2003 PK- Active
UE416 1900D Algerian Government       10/2001 7T- Active
UE417 1900D Algerian Government       11/2001 7T- Active
UE418 1900D Algerian Government       03/2002 7T- Active
UE419 1900D Algerian Government       12/2001 7T- Active
UE420 1900D Algerian Government       05/2001 7T-WRE Active
UE421 1900D Algerian Government       09/2001 7T-WRF Active
UE422 1900D Tenax Air       03/2004 7T- Active
UE423 1900D National Airways       12/2001 A2-OLM Active
UE424 1900D Eagle Airways       10/2001 ZK-EAA Stored
UE439 1900D Eagle Airways       11/2002 ZK-EAP Active
UE385 1900D Solenta Aviation       12/1999 ZS-AEA On order
UE331 1900D Avior Express       01/1999 YV1372 Stored
UE346 1900D Central Mountain Air       10/1999 C-GFSV Active
UE347 1900D Regionnair       06/1999 C-FLIH Written off
UE348 1900D Twin Jet       03/1999 F-GTKJ Active
UE349 1900D Twin Jet       03/1999 F-GTVC Active
UE350 1900D Chalair Aviation       07/2000 F-HBCC Active
UE351 1900D Northern Thunderbird Air       07/1999 C-GGBY Active
UE352 1900D Petroleos de Venezuela       07/1999 YV Active
UE353 1900D Sunwest Aviation       04/1999 C-GHCS Active
UE354 1900D Meijer Inc       04/1999 N1883M Active
UE355 1900D Avior Express       08/1999 YV1373 Active
UE356 1900D Avior Express       05/1999 YV1374 Active
UE345 1900D Labrador Airways       03/1999 C-GTMB Active
UE344 1900D Aeroeste       02/1999 CP Active
UE343 1900D Avior Express       02/1999 YV1370 Active
UE332 1900D Unknown       09/1998 C-GWOV Active
UE333 1900D Menard       09/1998 N534M Active
UE334 1900D Menard       11/1998 N536M Active
UE335 1900D PGA Express       12/1998 CS-TMU Active
UE336 1900D Electric Boat Corporation       12/1998 N842E Active
UE337 1900D Sunwest Aviation       12/1998 C-GSWZ Active
UE338 1900D Travira Air       11/1998 PK-TVE 0
UE339 1900D Electric Boat Corporation       01/1999 N843E Active
UE340 1900D Sonair       03/1999 D2-EVX Active
UE341 1900D PGA Express       02/1999 CS-TMV Active
UE342 1900D Avior Express       02/1999 YV1369 Active
UE357 1900D SAL Express       10/1999 S9-BAJ Active
UE358 1900D HeliAng       11/1999 D2-ESD Active
UE373 1900D MHS Aviation       07/2000 9M-STL Active
UE374 1900D MHS Aviation       12/2002 9M-STM Active
UE375 1900D Travira Air       06/2002 PK-TVK Active
UE376 1900D Eastindo       01/2003 PK-RGA Active
UE377 1900D Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company       12/1999 N655MW Active
UE378 1900D US Department of State       12/1999 N378AW Active
UE379 1900D Zimex Aviation       03/2000 HB-AEM Active
UE380 1900D Algerian Government       08/2000 D2-EZE Active

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