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MSN Type  AirlineFirst flightRegistrationStatus  
UE252 1900D Northern Air Charter   01/08/1996 C-GNAR Active
UE253 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1996 N253GL Active
UE254 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/09/1996 N254GL Active
UE255 1900D Scenic Airways   01/09/1996 N255GL Active
UE256 1900D US Air Force   01/09/1996 96-0112 Active
UE257 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/09/1996 N257GL Active
UE258 1900D US Department of State   01/09/1996 N258AW Active
UE259 1900D Unknown   01/09/1996 TU-TCS Active
UE274 1900D Sonair   01/04/1997 D2-ERQ Active
UE330 1900D Air Georgian       10/1998 C-GORF Active
UE386 1900D Sunwest Aviation       12/1999 C-GSWB Active
UE401 1900D Sonair       06/2000 D2-E.. Active
UE402 1900D Petroleum Avtn and Services       06/2000 HK-4564 Active
UE403 1900D Air Georgian       06/2000 C-GORN Active
UE404 1900D Algerian Government       03/2001 7T- Active
UE405 1900D Sonair       06/2000 D2-EWX Active
UE406 1900D Chad Government       06/2000 TT-ABB Active
UE407 1900D Religare       11/2000 VT-REQ Active
UE408 1900D US Department of State       11/2000 N408SN Active
UE409 1900D Buddha Air       10/2000 9N-AGH Active
UE410 1900D Religare       12/2000 VT-REN Active
UE411 1900D Algerian Government       03/2001 7T- Active
UE400 1900D EastIndo       06/2000 PK-RGD Active
UE399 1900D Sonair       03/2000 D2-EWW Active
UE398 1900D Pentastar Air       12/2000 C-GSLB Active
UE387 1900D ERA Alaska       12/1999 N971EA Active
UE388 1900D Eagle Airways       12/1999 ZK-EAR Active
UE389 1900D ERA Alaska       12/1999 N972EA Active
UE390 1900D Chalair Aviation       12/1999 F-HBCB Active
UE391 1900D ERA Alaska       03/2000 N973EA Active
UE392 1900D Freeport-McMoran Corp       03/2000 N191CS Active
UE393 1900D Airfast Indonesia       03/2000 PK-OCY Stored
UE394 1900D Schwan s Sales Enterprise       04/2000 N470MM Active
UE395 1900D Airlink       03/2000 VH-RUI Active
UE396 1900D Westwing Aviation       03/2000 VH-XDY Active
UE397 1900D Peabody Western Coal       03/2000 N305PC Active
UE412 1900D Sonair       06/2003 D2-FFJ Active
UE413 1900D Algerian Government       04/2001 7T- Active
UE428 1900D Eagle Airways       01/2002 ZK-EAE Active
UE429 1900D Eagle Airways       02/2002 ZK-EAF Active
UE430 1900D Eagle Airways       02/2002 ZK-EAG Active
UE431 1900D Eagle Airways       03/2002 ZK-EAH Active
UE432 1900D Eagle Airways       05/2002 ZK-EAI Active
UE433 1900D Eagle Airways       05/2002 ZK-EAJ Active
UE434 1900D Eagle Airways       06/2002 ZK-EAK Active
UE435 1900D Money Aviation       07/2002 ZS-EAA Active
UE436 1900D Eagle Airways       08/2002 ZK-EAM Active
UE437 1900D Eagle Airways       09/2002 ZK-EAN Active
UE438 1900D Eagle Airways       10/2002 ZK-EAO Active
UE427 1900D Eagle Airways       01/2002 ZK-EAD Active
UE426 1900D Eagle Airways       12/2001 ZK-EAC Active

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