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MSN Type  AirlineFirst flightRegistrationStatus  
UE312 1900D Sonair       05/1998 D2-EVL Active
UE313 1900D Air Affaires Gabon       08/1998 TR-LFO Active
UE314 1900D L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace       10/1998 9N-AFW Active
UE329 1900D Sonair       12/1998 D2-FFN Active
UE275 1900D NEX Time Jet   01/04/1997 SE-LCX Stored
UE221 1900D Petroleum Aviation ans Services   01/06/1996 HK-5003 Active
UE236 1900D Nextjet   01/08/1996 SE-KXY Active
UE237 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1996 N237YV Stored
UE238 1900D Proteus Airlines   01/08/1996 F-GSJM Written off
UE239 1900D Silver Airways   01/08/1996 N81556 Active
UE240 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1996 N240GL Active
UE241 1900D Chevron Texaco   01/08/1996 YV1106 Active
UE242 1900D Air Midwest   01/08/1996 N242YV Stored
UE243 1900D Northern Thunderbird Air   01/08/1996 C-GCML Active
UE244 1900D Egypt Gvmt   01/08/1996 SU-BRT Active
UE245 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1996 N245GL Active
UE246 1900D Silver Airways   01/08/1996 N87557 Active
UE235 1900D Air Georgian   01/07/1996 C-GAAV Active
UE234 1900D Silver Airways   01/07/1996 N87555 Stored
UE233 1900D Air Midwest   01/07/1996 N233YV Written off
UE222 1900D Korean Express Air   01/06/1996 HL5238 Active
UE223 1900D Wasaya Airways   01/06/1996 C-GZVJ Active
UE224 1900D Private Wings   01/06/1996 D-COCA Active
UE225 1900D Overland Airways   01/06/1996 5N-BCO Stored
UE226 1900D Aircraft Leasing Services   01/06/1996 5Y-BVT Active
UE227 1900D Silver Airways   01/07/1996 N87554 Stored
UE228 1900D IMP Group   01/07/1996 C-GMYY Active
UE229 1900D Mesa Airlines   01/07/1996 N10675 Stored
UE230 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/07/1996 ZS-OYG Active
UE231 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/07/1996 N231YV Active
UE232 1900D Air Georgian   01/07/1996 C-GAAU Active
UE247 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1996 N247GL Active
UE248 1900D Hex Air   01/08/1996 F-GUPE Active
UE263 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/12/1996 ZS-SGH Active
UE264 1900D Sunwest Aviation   01/12/1996 C-GSLX Active
UE265 1900D Sishen Iron Ore Company   01/04/1997 ZS-SET Active
UE266 1900D Exploits Valley Air Services   01/01/1997 C-GLHO Active
UE267 1900D Government of Somalia   01/04/1997 5Y-JIA Active
UE268 1900D Avior Express   01/03/1997 YV1365 Active
UE269 1900D Twin Jet       04/1997 F-GLNK Active
UE270 1900D Avior Express   01/03/1997 YV1364 Active
UE271 1900D Northern Thunderbird Air   01/03/1997 C-FCMP Active
UE272 1900D Northern Thunderbird Air   01/03/1997 C-FCMV Active
UE273 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/03/1997 ZS-OYJ Active
UE262 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/11/1996 N262GL Written off
UE261 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/09/1996 N261GL Active
UE260 1900D Solenta Aviation   01/09/1996 ZS-ZED Active
UE249 1900D Sonair   01/08/1996 D2-EVY Active
UE250 1900D Blue Bird Aviation   01/08/1996 5Y-VVQ Written off
UE251 1900D Great Lakes Aviation   01/08/1996 N251GL Active
UE252 1900D Northern Air Charter   01/08/1996 C-GNAR Active

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