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Which Airline?

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01 Jan 1970
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  Topic: Which Airline? - Sent 05 Jun 5:08

Hi All,
My sister is getting married in Boston and her fiance and her have decided to have a honeymoon in/on the mediterannian. So that they will have company surprisingly they have invited me and my girlfriend and our siblings to join them. But my girlfriend and i live in San Diego and are contemplating which airline to take to Boston - stopovers are fine. Also we are thinking about whether or not we should take a european airline the Marsilie or an American and take those super fast trains down to the butt of France. -(oh yes i am aware of codeshares/alliances that sort of things)
so my question is which airline should we take? Southwest, Delta, American, Jetblue, United or US -(continental is for rich peps).

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30 Jun 2008
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  Topic: Which Airline? - Sent 05 Jun 16:04

I would recommend driving or taking the train to L.A. and then flying Virgin America nonstop LAX-Boston. They're by far the best airline in the USA. If you take the train you can take a Flyaway shuttle bus from L.A. Union Station to LAX. If that's not convenient I'd recommend JetBlue or Delta (but try to book through the old Northwest hubs of Minneapolis, Memphis or Detroit because ex-Northwest cabin crew are much better). As for Boston-Marseille, you'd have to change aircraft somewhere enroute. I'd recommend KLM, Delta or Air France. All 3 of those airlines are partners to each other, so you might actually be flying on more than one airline although it will be all under one ticket. I'd try to book on KLM equipment through Amsterdam...service is better than Air France or Delta.

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01 Jan 1970
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  Topic: Which Airline? - Sent 07 Jun 1:01

Good idea mabel. I would also try TP. Their pretty good now and the prices are good to. IB is another option but I hear onboard aint so good

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