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LCCs: Good or Evil?

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26 Apr 2007
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  Topic: LCCs: Good or Evil? - Sent 25 May 12:18

I just can't help but want to share this little recent story here:

We may certainly look @ this purely as just a PR stunt by WN<Southwest>......however, it's infinitely better publicity than FR's usual stuff. The LCC world is just fascinating. On one hand, U hv FR nickel & dime pax @ every opportunity. On the other hand, U hv WN pilot serving free pizzas+sodas to stranded pax in the cabin......few industries in the world hv successful mkt strategies as extremely opposite as the airline LCC sector.

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30 Jun 2008
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  Topic: LCCs: Good or Evil? - Sent 26 May 23:33

I doubt it was a PR stunt because the decision seems to have been made by the individual crew, not the corporate management. I'm sure the crew will be reimbursed by management, but it just shows the prevailing culture at WN...the customer always comes first. No way in hell UA crew would ever treat pax to free pizza if a UA flight got diverted!

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