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Airplane trip report

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Date Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft
30/12/2011 UX 9059
Madrid Barajas - Spain
Tenerife Norte Los Rodeos - Spain
A330 MSN 461

  Flight schedule

Scheduled departure : 07:30
Actual departure : 08:50

Scheduled arrival : 10:00
Actual arrival : 09:50


all was okay. No long waiting time.

  Waiting and boarding

Our Gate was a waiting area, because our flight was delayed for 1.5 hours due to the aircraft, which was origanally planed for this flight had a technical problem so another had to be organized but this was still over the Atlantic Ocean (flight from Lima). Till thwy deboarded and we was able to boarding 1.5 hours was left. Then, the next problem, the bus with passengers to Palma de Mallorca boarde

  In flight

nothing special and very, very boring entertainment program. We could watch how to repair a car. A very annual event ;). As comparison, chinese movies of Air France entertainmant are much more interesting!


Very hard break-in but very early and nice touchdown. And very short taxi time! Tenerife North is a very sweet and small airport. Only one bad thing: The baggage delivery system is quiet slowly! We waited for our lagguage over 1 hour. I know it was an A330 but there are 4 claims but 3 machine at 1 claim (the other 3 claim were remained empty and unused) is defenitly too much! About 300 passengers

Overall rating

Report written by kein

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