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Date Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft
20/12/2011 LH 923
London Heathrow - United Kingdom
Frankfurt Frankfurt-Main - Germany
A321 MSN 1188

  Flight schedule

Scheduled departure : 07:05
Actual departure : 08:25

Scheduled arrival : 09:50
Actual arrival : 10:56


Slow, long queues at Lhr, even just to bag drop. But friendly and professional staff.

  Waiting and boarding

Originally flight delayed until 08:29, then changed to boarding at 06:45. Once all pax on board, informed that aircraft not leaving stand for a further 50 mins. This was due to heavy snow at Frankfurt. Drinks and snacks served whilst waiting.

  In flight

Quick flight and good information given and regularly updated regarding weather conditions and connecting flights at FRA. Can't really fault Lufthansa crew, they did a great job.


Chaos at Frankfurt due to snow and holiday silly season, manged to make connecting flight as that had been delayed by 1 hour (phew!!) and being allowed to jump a few queues by helpful security staff and other friendly pax (traveling with a baby definitely helps in these situations!!)

Overall rating

Report written by zt

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