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Boeing 747 - MSN 25211 - B-HOW
Last Airline Cathay Pacific

Status : Stored
Last Registration : B-HOW

Last Airline Cathay Pacific
    Country : Hong-Kong
    Date : 1946 -
    Codes CX CPA
    Callsign : Cathay
    Web site :
  General information & flightlog

Serial number 25211 LN:873
Type 747-467
First flight date 13/08/1991
Test registration
Seat configuration F9First class C46Business class W26Premium economy class Y278Economy class
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Flights recorded
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Engines 4 x RR RB211-524G/H-T
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Operators of the aircraft

Delivery date Airline Registration Remark  
20/08/1991 Cathay Pacific VR-HOW   Correct
04/10/1997 Cathay Pacific B-HOW Stored 03/2013   Correct

Some photos of this plane


Photo Andrew Hunt

Photo Michael Stappen 2002-2015

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